I will be opening for my friends Beach House along with Steve Strohmeier, on their "Northern Exposure Tour" of Canada. Bella Union will be releasing a split 7” for the tour that Steve and I did, that will also soon be available through their website. The track “Caul” was recorded live at the Icehouse in Minneapolis, MN while on tour with Peter Matthew Bauer and was mixed by Peter in a van careening down the highway between shows.

I will also be playing a couple shows around the east coast with my friends' duo Bad Luck for the release of their new record Three.

Show dates are listed below and will be added when they are announced:

Skyler Skjelset Ω
Beach House ∑
Bad Luck √

September 18th at Bear Tooth in Anchorage, AK∑Ω
September 21st at Sugar Nightclub in Victoria, BC∑Ω
September 22nd at Venue in Vancouver, BC∑Ω
September 24th at Spiritbar at the Hume Hotel in Nelson, BC∑Ω
September 26th at Starlite Room in Edmonton, AB∑Ω
September 27th at Republik in Calgary, AB∑Ω
September 28th at Louis’ Pub in Saskatoon, SK∑Ω
September 30th at Pyramid Cabaret in Winnipeg, MB∑Ω
October 1st at Crocks in Thunder Bay, ON∑Ω
October 3rd at Lee’s Palace in Toronto, ON∑Ω
October 4th at Lee’s Palace in Toronto, ON∑Ω
October 5th at Bronson Centre in Ottowa, ON∑Ω
October 6th at Theatre Plaza in Montreal, QC∑Ω
October 7th at Theatre Plaza in Montreal, QC∑Ω
October 9th at Le Cercle in Quebec, QC∑Ω
October 10th at The Playhouse in Frederiction, NB∑Ω
October 11th at The Marquee Club in Halifax, NS∑Ω
October 19th at First Banana in Philadelphia, PA√Ω
October 20th at Cake Shop in New York, NY√Ω