Skyler Skjelset†
Japanese Guy∆
Hamilton Leithauser ∑

January 30th – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom∑



Japanese Guy was very happy to be on the all-star alumni great Nancy Guppy's Seattle TV show Art Zone. After a brief interview, we performed "Tank" from our second LP Tat and "Birdbath" from our first self-titled LP. Some of the information is a little incorrect – we already have two LP's out, but are actually planning on releasing an EP in early spring. Also, I already have a record out, but am again planning on releasing a second LP also in early spring.

Hamilton Leithauser's show on December 11th at the Bowery Ballroom has been rescheduled, for January 30th. All purchased tickets will be honored, so no sweat. We will also be heading out on tour in mid-January, playing in the Midwest, East Coast, and parts of Canada (It'll be good to be back!).